Enticing Designs is back, and better than ever!

It’s been a while since I last posted but I can explain!  You see, the reason is…that I tried to skip over winter for everyone and bring you into Springtime early, but unfortunately mother nature had her own plans and she shot me down cold (pun intended).  Well, that’s mostly true, we have had a really harsh winter this year and I would jump straight to Spring if I could!

In all honesty behind the scenes it’s been extremely busy at Enticing Designs.  You may have noticed a new 2nd floor expansion last fall, but then I decided to take that a step further so I rebuilt the entire store, in mesh, with even more additional space!  The overall layout is the same so you can still find everything with ease, and I think you’ll like the new displays throughout the store which make shopping a breeze!

Goodbye Enticing Designs 2013…Enticing Designs Fall 2013_001Welcome to the future!ED Main 03012014_001

Never fear, even though I wasn’t posting I was still designing, and even still releasing!  Over the last month or so anyone who has been in the store will recognize the next items which have been in the new release spots for nearly a month now…

Mens Mesh Cargo Pants in solids and camos, available individually or as HUD pack of 8ED-Mens-Cargo-Pants-8Ladies Belted Silk Blouses in 6 fantastic Prints or SolidsED-Belted-Silk-Blouse-12Been playing with a few boots as well, for the Guys in my life, I give you:

Mens Mesh Combat Boots. Non-rigged, fully resizable and adjustable, fit it the way you like it.  Mens-Mesh-Combat-BootAnd for you smexy cowboy types (or anyone that just likes the style), the ultra classy dress ankle boot, with deletable resizer scripts and ankle lock technologyMens-Dress-Ankle-BootDid a little inventory control and found these beauties I made a little over a year ago…I still have more textures I was going to make these in but I never finished the line, so I thought I’d go ahead and toss these out at value price. They’re nicely done Paisley and Suede with low lag, deletable resize scripts and ankle lock technology!  Not to mention cute to boot, you can’t beat that!Paisley-Suede-7

There’s more Spring cleaning of the ol’ inventory going on at the store, with sales and last minute deals popping up here and there…so hop on by and see what’s happening!

And don’t forget, the Nevermore Pot O’ Gold Hunt is going on now through April 15, 2014, it’s a hunt full of fantastic items you don’t want to miss!  <Enticing Designs proudly participates exclusively in Nevermore Group Hunts.>

Hope to see you soon!

<3 Enticing



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Baby it’s cold outside…

…but these new items at Enticing Designs will help keep your warm!  Our latest releases for both guys and gals are below, here’s wishing everyone a fantastic new year in 2014!

For the guys, these Mesh Birmingham Houndstooth v-neck long sleeve pullovers are just what the weatherman ordered!  Offered in eight warm colors, individually or discounted as a group with our texture change hud, they’re sure to keep you toasty on even the chilliest days!  Drop by today and try the demo!

Birmingham-V-Neck-HUD-Ad-512Birmingham-Forest-Ad-1024 Birmingham-Indigo-Ad-1024 Birmingham-Jade-Ad-1024 Birmingham-Olive-Ad-1024 Birmingham-Sapphire-Ad-1024 Birmingham-Sienna-Ad-1024 Birmingham-Teal-Ad-1024 Bormingham-Sangria-Ad-1024

And for the ladies who like to celebrate the season with style, the Snowflake Sweater dress is available in sixteen vivid colors to accommodate every wardrobe!  Yes, I got a bit carried away on this one I’m afraid, but it’s just so cute!  How could I resist?  Drop by Enticing Designs today and try the demo, I think you’ll fall in love with them too!

Snowflake-Sweater-Dress-Blue-Ad-1024 Snowflake-Sweater-Dress-Burgundy-Ad-1024 Snowflake-Sweater-Dress-Charcoal-Ad-1024 Snowflake-Sweater-Dress-Emerald-Ad-1024 Snowflake-Sweater-Dress-Green-Ad-1024 Snowflake-Sweater-Dress-Grey-Ad-1024 Snowflake-Sweater-Dress-Lime-Ad-1024 Snowflake-Sweater-Dress-Magenta-Ad-1024 Snowflake-Sweater-Dress-Mustard-Ad-1024 Snowflake-Sweater-Dress-Neutral-Ad-1024 Snowflake-Sweater-Dress-Plum-Ad-1024 Snowflake-Sweater-Dress-Red-Ad-1024 Snowflake-Sweater-Dress-Rose-Ad-1024 Snowflake-Sweater-Dress-Tangerine-Ad-1024 Snowflake-Sweater-Dress-Teal-Ad-1024 Snowflakee-Sweater-Dress-Granite-Ad-1024

It’s going to be a sensational year so stick around, there’s a lot more items in queue all made especially for you!

Hugs to all!

<3  Enticing

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Enticing Bridal Designs makes it’s debut

Inspirations abound.

Showcase yourself with Sequins in a gown that goes from the chapel to the reception and beyond in style


Sparkle with the brilliance of a gown that can be worn again and again even after the big day


Go traditional with Kaliwillo’s Lace. No mesh.


All new, all affordable, all for today’s brides.

<3  Enticing

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Just a lil’ somethin somethin for the guys …

Yeah, it’s a man thing.  What men do.  Look rugged, look cool, look good.  Denim Vests.  Nothing says rugged better.



Now available in store, also available individually without texture change HUD.  Be yourself.  Show your style. Mesh, 5 standard sizes.  Try the DEMO.



<3  Enticing

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Tis the Season

This has been a tough and busy year for many of us, but we’ve muddled through, put in the time, paid our dues, and we’ve overcome some BIG obstacles along the way, so now we’ve all got a lot to celebrate!

Tis the holiday season.  It has officially begun.  A holiday gazebo has been set up outside of Enticing Designs with some amazing offers that I’d like everyone to enjoy this holiday season.  Several seasonal new value priced items have been added to the holiday area, but two new mesh offers are what I’d especially like to draw your attention to, because these are seasonal and they will go away after the holidays!

The Mens Mesh Seasonal Stars V-neck Sweater


and the Ladies Seasonal Snowflake Gown


Both items are mesh and have DEMO cubes placed underneath them, do try the DEMO before you buy!

Also in theme with the red this week, the 60L Secret Deal for this weekend has been posted early, so come on by and take advantage of these deals before the crowds!

Lacy-Cut-Out-Red-Ad-512 Mens-Mesh-Red-Turtlence-Ad-512

And lastly, this week a small release was made with a special offering of Womens Grungy Hip Hugger Skinny Jeans with a texture change HUD.  Made to last.  Or, well maybe, just made.


More great stuff is in the pipeline, come check out the demos, see the seasonal deals and explore the new build at Enticing Designs.  Get inspired to celebrate!  Tis the season!  Happy Holidays!

<3  Enticing

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Temptation… … … … …


She’s a b*tch.  Slip into this sleek velvet gown encrusted with glitter accents and feel the temptress come alive!  Glittering accents show off that sleek physique and showcase you wrapped in velvet!  Such rich colors shouldn’t be allowed in public, they’re absolutely criminal   …   and I can’t wait to see more of them   …

Temptation-Amethyst Temptation-Magenta Temptation-Midnight-512 Temptation-Onyx Temptation-Ruby-512 Temptation-Sapphire

All colors available now, mesh in 5 standard sizes, at the Main Store.

Just another little ditty from Enticing


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Monthly News & Newness – Formal Edition


Blogging requires the development of habit, a habit unfortunately that has been hard for me to pick up.  In analyzing my past several posts, I know I began with the notion of posting one release every week but that was somewhat ambitious I have to admit, and I settled for posting releases here and there while I worked out my rhythm.  So now looking back, it seems I’ve been slowly migrating to a monthly blog post, with maybe a sprinkling of new stuff released here and there.  It’s not been easy to find my rhythm, but this should work out much better than what I had originally planned, and I can put all the major monthly news into one area!  Yay!  It’s a win-win situation!  :)


Most recently I have been slow to hit the presses due to the process of morphing the Main-Store build into two beautiful floors of Enticing Designs.  Things have been rearranged a bit which I hope will make specific items easier to locate, and all areas now have much more room to grow with new releases!  It almost seems appropriate, that in this 5th year of our anniversary we have grown to our grandest proportions yet, and that we are still looking forward to many more great things to come in the future.  Come by the new Main-Store today and let me know how you like it!

Enticing Designs Fall 2013_001


Also in the past month we were afforded an opportunity to partner in the Highers Hideout sim’s new Mall collaboration, which then in turn led to testing participation in the new My 60L Secret weekend sales events.  I am advertising my 60L sale items at both Enticing Designs locations, Fridays 12am through Mondays 11:59pm, and you can preview all offers from participating stores on the My 60L Secret blog before heading out to shop!  Sale items are posted each Friday morning, so be sure to bookmark it because you don’t want to miss out on any great deals!

My60SecretSignLOGO Drop by either of our locations Friday November 22 through Monday November 25th and pick up these little salsa type formals for only 60L each!

Ladies-Salsa-Ad-512 Mens-Salsa-Set-Ad-512


Keeping with the formals theme I seem to have established today, I did recently release a new line of formals for both the ladies and the gentlemen!

The ladies Diamond Drape gown is a mesh/flexi hybrid that conjures thoughts of elegance from bygone eras.  Soft, flowing scarves enhance an open draped back silhouetting a flowing silk gown with diamond accents.  Available in five (5) luscious colors.  Standard sizing.  Flexi attachments modifiable by deletable low-lag resize script.

Diamond-Drape-Avocado-Ad Diamond-Drape-Berry-Ad Diamond-Drape-Grape-Ad Diamond-Drape-Lemon-Ad Diamond-Drape-Tangerine-Ad

The mens mesh Classic Tuxedo is a one piece rigged mesh tuxedo offered individually in eight (8) popular color variations; Black, Opal, Silver, Gold, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, & Amethyst, – or – get all eight variations discounted together with our mesh texture change HUD.  Red rosebud boutineer is included with all tuxedo purchases.  Non-rigged mesh (modifiable) formal dress shoes are included with HUD purchase only.  Standard sizing.

Mens-Mesh-Classic-Tuxedo-with-HUD-512Mens-Mesh-Classic-Tuxedo-Amethyst-512 Mens-Mesh-Classic-Tuxedo-Emerald-512 Mens-Mesh-Classic-Tuxedo-Gold-512 Mens-Mesh-Classic-Tuxedo-Onyx-512 Mens-Mesh-Classic-Tuxedo-Opal-512 Mens-Mesh-Classic-Tuxedo-Ruby-512 Mens-Mesh-Classic-Tuxedo-Sapphire-512 Mens-Mesh-Classic-Tuxedo-Silver-512

And that about wraps up our Formal Edition for the month so until next time, hugs and kisses to all!

<3  Enticing

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